What we offer

Organizational Development

We provide expertise in helping organizations design new ways of working that energize and engage people at all levels, in the design process as well as in the solution itself. We help teams and by extension, their leaders, to have the conversations that build candor, trust, and mutual commitment to achieving results.

Executive Coaching

After ascertaining what the individual is most vested in learning, we design a robust data collection process that incorporates the perspectives of the individual’s manager, peers, and direct reports. We work with clients to create specific development plans that set the stage for proactive steps to enhance the impact of their leadership in achieving ambitious business objectives.

Leadership Development

The best-managed companies hold the development of their leaders as a strategic component of their business plan. We work to ensure that a client’s development investments are tightly linked to its current business objectives and to its longer range cultural imperatives. Using an experiential approach to leadership development we invite people to actively engage in making explicit their theories of leadership and their strategies for action, comparing them to best practices and actual results.

Enhancing Team Performance

We deeply value the contributions of effective teams, and building the capability of teams is a hallmark of our work. Using well defined models of team effectiveness, we help teams to declare their aspirations, leverage what works well and help them define the areas that they are committed to improving. Investing in the development of teams such that they can monitor and correct their own performance has the impact of not only building specific teams, but provides a powerful means for developing leaders throughout the organization.